Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrift Store Shopping

Two weeks ago- oh my goodness, has it been two weeks already? while at my parents house, we went shopping.  For bargains.  My parents little town has the best bargain spots, thrift stores, second hand shops, whatever you want to call them.  I have fun checking them out every time I get the chance!

Our first stop:  A brown bag special on cosmetics.  All you could fit into the bag for $3.  Elizabeth went to town!

We now have fingernail polish as far as the eye can see...

Our loot:

What we got for our $3:
192 nail polish colors
3 french manicure kits
8 loose powders
2  pressed powders
2 lip liners
9 lipsticks

Somehow, we ended up with most of the things from Aunt Kasey's bag as well.  Hmm.  I'm pretty pumped about the loose powder though.  I have a small addiction to the stuff.

Second stop was a kids resale shop.  She always has really nice things, but usually has them priced higher than I'm willing to pay for used clothes.  I did snatch up this swim shirt for Jackson next summer.  Again, $3.

I'm the mom that lets her kids get sunburned.

Our last stop - is my favorite one.  Mostly women's clothing on consignment, a few kid things.  I picked up a pair of chocolate brown capri pants, and a white button down-still had the tags.  Elizabeth got a tank top, skirt and a really cute pair of "simple" sneakers. I also found my dad a pair of TOMS for Father's day.

But these? These are my favorites!

Almost new Jessica Simpson shoes for Isabelle. ($8?) They will be perfect for this fall/winter and she loves them.  Almost as much as she loves these:

Brand new, in the box- Nordstroms sandals! ($6.) They will fit perfectly next summer!

A pair of flats for myself. ($8.)  I probably would not have bought them if I saw them in the store, but who can resist a brand called: "Naughty Monkey"?  Not me!

By this time, Kasey and Elizabeth are both ready to go.  The sales girl forgot to add in the shoes, so I had to pay for them separately.  While she was ringing them up, I spotted this on the wall across the store:

So, so sweet!  a "K.C. Parker" dress with my favorite color! It's a bit big for Isabelle, but I'm guessing she'll grow.  Elizabeth and Kasey are headed to the door as I hand over my debit card for the third time.  I promise I am on my way.... grab my bags... and my eye found this, high on the wall:


The style I've been coveting admiring from afar for a long, long time.

New, complete with tags and dust bag. 

So, I got out my debit card again, and saved $245.00 off ticket price!

And then?  We went home and had hot dogs for dinner!

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