Thursday, June 23, 2011

Texas Vacation Part 4.

Final installment!

Thursday morning I woke to Jennifer telling me my mom was on the way to pick us up.  Somethings never change folks.  Only now, I have to pack up 4 or 5 other people...

Everyone on the couch for a photo!
Some, not so happy.

Elizabeth, Brynn, Reese, Jackson, William, Clara & Isabelle.

Jennifer and I.  Tired.

William and Clara wanted to do funny faces.  Reese joined, and William was distracted by the cat.

Jackson's funny face.

And then to say hello/goodbye to Cousin Seth and Seth Jr.  Isn't he just the cutest?

They let their kids play in the street in Humble.

Last group shot: Jackson, Elizabeth, Seth Jr., William & Isabelle. Not happy about this one either.

Cousin Connie and I.  Sunglasses hide tired eyes.

...on the road again...

While the rest of the family used the bathroom inside, Jackson chose the outside facilities.

Friday, my sister-in-law Kasey came down with my niece, Lena.  After helping Dad at work and grabbing a quick lunch at our favorite bakery, (who knew cold meat sandwiches could be so good?) Kasey, Elizabeth and I did a little shopping. I cannot wait to show you my fabulous finds!  Mom took the rest of the kids back home to play.  And swim.

Isabelle and Lena.

William got a new squirt gun.  Elizabeth loves it.

Before dinner, all the little people got measured on "the pole".
The kids love to see how tall they've gotten, and the grown ups like to measure who was taller at each age amongst the cousins.

My sweet niece.  Poor girl looks like she has my hair.

We roasted hot dogs over the fire for dinner - and some of us played.

Jackson still has a scab on his lip from his coal crusted marshmallow.

So, so hard to get motivated to leave for the twelve hour trip home... I was easily talked into feeding the goats before we took off.

This baby donkey is just about the cutest thing.

Right next to these little rolly polly puppies!

The kids did really well the whole four days in the car, and I'm pretty impressed that we traveled all 2544 miles without to much fighting!  We all lost it a little when we got out of the car three hours from home... fortunately they all fell asleep quickly, and went right to bed when we got home at midnight.

We had a wonderful time, and I would like to say a BIG Thank You! to our lovely host: Aunt Tawn and Cousin Jennifer!  And my mom... for riding along!


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