Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Texas Vacation Part 2

I spent yesterday housekeeping.  I don't know if that's what happens at your house, but here? One day of doing nothing (Sunday) means an entire day of doing everything.

But last week?  Last week we were on vacation!

Tuesday morning we headed over to Aunt Tawn and Uncle John's.  They have a beautiful new home on a river. My camera card was full, so I only got a few shots.

Headed to the river~

A decent group shot out front.  Nap time and all!

After the kids napped, Jennifer took us to the pool!

The kids loved it.  Jackson was a little intimidated by these animal squirting water.  Silly boy.

Jennifer's girls are little fish!

Baby Brynn and her pool-time tea party! So sweet, pouring "tea" for everyone!

Hard to get shots of the big kids- they were off! William making friends, as always!

Elizabeth. A bit big for the froggy slide.

I think Clara thought the frog was a little tame too!

Handsome Seth Jr.   The boy has got some lungs!  Letting everyone know just how much fun he was having! (He may be related to his Auntie Sarah after all!)

Jackson and Brynn playing in the fountains... their happy little giggles

and squeals of delight were priceless!

Oh! There my other girl is! She got brave beyond her skills... scared me a bit!

Jennifer had borrowed two little princess cots from a friend of hers- They were perfect for our little girls, and I know Isabelle loved hers.

This may not be the best picture of Reese, but I loved it.  I wanted to get photos of the girls in the cots, and she needed to tell me a story.  She is so creative and expressive, I just love her.

After a long afternoon at the pool, Isabelle was not as happy to have her picture taken.

Beautiful Clara~ all snuggled up!

Elizabeth once again, refused to have her picture taken...

And that was the fourth day.

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