Thursday, June 9, 2011

Link Love

This week, my mind has been crazy.  More than usual folks.  I've been busy making a list of all the things destroyed from the water in the basement a while back, washing toys, running things through the washer/dryer... yuck.  Getting into a summer working groove with the kids is a little difficult for me.  I want a summer work vacation!

About every four hours or so, Isabelle asks me: "Are we going on our vacation now?"

So I took 20 minutes and made what all of you good moms out there have been doing forever for your time challenged children.

A time chain!

We counted up how many more nights we needed to sleep before we left, numbered them, and viola!

She loves it.  Wanted to make another.
So we did.

A mile chain for her to countdown in the car!  Every hundred miles she gets to take one link off.

How often do you think she'll ask if it's time to take one off?

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Purdys said... Best Blogger Tips

Love paper chains:-)!!

Texas Cousin said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, we need that! Clara and Reese keep asking how many days until their cousins get here. Clara made her own countdown chart. I will show it to you when you come.