Friday, April 8, 2011

Small Town Fun

I know that everyone thinks they live in the best small town ever, but I'm going to tell you that ours ranks right up there.  Top ten for sure.

It's spring break week for all the schools in our county, and the local business have gone above and beyond to make sure our kids are to busy to sniff glue or whatever it is that kids do these days.  Talk back to their parents and bicker with their siblings seems to be a bit more of a problem at our house. Although.... Jackson and Isabelle were covered in glitter glue at bath time.... When I do laundry next I may wished they had sniffed it instead of wiped it on their clothes.

This week in our county, the Eagles movie theater offered FREE movies on three different days.  It's a great little theater recently refurbished.  It has a balcony that the kids love.  I love that you can get popcorn and a drink for $2.
The "Performing Arts" center, Honeywell offered free roller skating, art projects, dance workshop AND free lunch for kids in their restaurant.
Our local library had a "wii" tournament and movie in addition to all their other regular programming.

But today? We went to our museum.  That's right.  Our little county has the BEST historical museum ever.

Wabash County Historical Museum Family Fun Day.  I took my family.  We had fun.  I have pictures to prove it.

Isabelle and Jackson digging for dinosaur bones.  Or playing in a really cool indoor sandbox...

Isabelle turning on the light. Wabash is the first electrically lighted city.

The museum has the most wonderful train display.  Jackson was enthralled.

A special activity for today, "golfing across the county".  Jackson took out several museum goers with his "Happy Gilmore" golf style, and Isabelle got a "hole in one" earning her a medal AND a trophy.

They have so many interactive displays, my kids never get tired of them.

This wall is one of my favorites.  It's the "Honor Wall".  Each little bubble has a name of someone from our county, and what they are famous for.

Never would have thought HE was from Wabash County huh?

Not only are the regular displays at the museum still interesting after multiple visits, but they also have "revolving" displays.  The newest one is: "Historical Harley's".  Each and every bike is from Steve Brandt's private collection.

Steve Brandt passed away last summer, and his widow was volunteering at the museum today.  What a lovely woman.

I love our small town.

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

That IS a FABULOUS small town! :)

Tracy Stewart said... Best Blogger Tips

And the Wabash County Historical Museum loves YOU TOO!