Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Orthodontist Appointment.

Alternately titled: My adrenaline rush for the week. 

Last fall our regular dentist (and my friend) Andrea, made a few observations at Elizabeth and Williams teeth cleanings and suggested that we consult with an Orthodontist.

After increasing our dental coverage to include ortho, I made an appointment.  The consult was today.

I've heard other mothers mention the orthodontist, the time and cost involved.  But Elizabeth and William did not seem to have major problems.  I thought I should probably take care of this while they are young... you know, catch it early before it becomes a big problem.  You think nothing of school age children with braces. No big deal.

Once they get into college ortho appointments would be a pain to schedule. College is expensive enough with out that added.  And who wants to go to their first job interviews with braces?

The consult was painless, multiple photos of the kids teeth, met the orthodontist,  nice man.  Good shoes.  Very important.  Explained everything in detail, answered the kids questions.  Perfect.

And then the assistant went over the financial's.  OH MY HOLY WOW.

Twice as much as I had thought.

And since neither of them look like this:

We'll be getting a second opinion.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

umm...I am going to need you to start putting warnings in the title or at the beginning of the post if I am going to have to see pictures like that! haha