Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Day.


5:30 am:  hit snooze.

6:30 am:   holy crap, it's 6:30.

6:32 am:   wake up Elizabeth and William.  after 3 days off, not pleasant.

6:34 am:  let the dogs out.

6:36 am:   fastest shower ever. find clothes that match.

6:46 am:   feed dogs.

6:53 am:   make coffee, throw work stuff in car.

7:02 am:   dress the screaming monkey otherwise known as "Isabelle"

7:06 am:   buckle the screaming monkey in the car.

7:09 am:   run around the house gathering last minute stuff: socks, detangle spray, hats, coats,     shoes, turn off lights, put milk away.  all the while, talking to the big kids:  did you brush your teeth? where are your socks?  I have NO idea where your homework is. did you get your valentines?  What's for lunch? do you want to pack? sorry, no time. breakfast??? grab a granola bar.  yes, you have to brush your hair.  no, you may NOT have a sucker for breakfast. you'll get plenty of candy at school today.  I said, NO SUCKERS FOR BREAKFAST!

7:16 am:   LETS GO! WE'RE LATE!!

7:17 am:   jump in the car.

7:18 am:    where's Jackson?  crap.  still in bed.

7:20 am:   buckle the little snuggle bug in his seat.

7:22 am:   where's my coat??

7:23 am:   back out of garage with all four children, pray that the dogs go back in so we don't have to chase them around the yard.

7:30 am:   pick up carpool kids.

7:34 am:   loaded and ready to head to school.  *phew*

7:52 am:   drop kids at school.

8:05 am:   drop kids at day care.

8:15 am:   walk in office.  breathe.

11:55 am:   lunch meeting.  chicken noodle soup.  productive.

1:00 pm:   teach.  50 third graders about vegetables.  25 good. 25 bad. very bad.

2:45 pm:   stand in line at post office.  what in the world is he sending to the czech republic?

3:00 pm:   pick up kids from school.  chat with my peeps.  scam on the left-over Valentine snacks

3:22 pm:   after school snack at Modocs. otherwise known as my mommy support group.

4:00 pm:  quick trip to the grocery store.  that is being re-modeled.  really?

4:42 pm:   grab cash to pay sitter.

4:56 pm:   pick up kids from sitter.

5:34 pm:   unload kids at home.

5:37 pm:   give babysitter instructions for evening.  ignore dirty dishes, floors and laundry.

5:39 pm:   second fastest shower of all time.

6:35 pm:   cocktails at Beth's.

7:08 pm:   dinner with the Bunco Babes.  laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.

11:40 pm:   carry the sweetest little screaming monkey to bed.

11:48 pm:   say goodnight to the sitter.

11:50 pm:   check facebook and decompress on my blog....

Bunco Babes Forever!!

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Jeff and Whitney said... Best Blogger Tips

My stomach is still sore from laughing so hard last night! What is Bunco, anyway? :) So so good to chat with you and can't wait until next time! Girl Therapy is good for the soul!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

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Texas Cousin said... Best Blogger Tips

You're hilarious. Glad you at least remembered Jackson before you left the garage!