Saturday, February 20, 2010

Me, Today.

How does one get it all done?


As I sit here and watch the snow fall lightly out my window, and listen to my children argue, I'm trying to remember, how did my mom get it all done?  

How about all those other great moms I know?  

As I think back,  I do remember my mom writing out jobs on slips of paper, giving each one a dollar value, tossing them in a big jar, and each of us (four kids) pulling out jobs to do.  If I remember correctly, that was one time, and we had a ton of company the weekend before, and perhaps my mom was sick for a couple of days....  

I do not remember our house being messy everyday like my house is now.  How did she do it?  Am I just remembering the good times not the bad?  Perhaps my children will do the same?  Maybe it gets better as they get older?  Maybe I shouldn't think about it so much.  Just enjoy them while they are small, and try my best.  Who knows.

Right now, this is my reality.

I need to put away the folded clean clothes so that I have room to fold the clean clothes in baskets so that I can sort the dirty laundry to get washed today.

I need to put away the clean dishes so that I can reload the dishwasher and have room on the counter for the hand-wash ones.

I need to take out the trash so that I have room for all the trash that does not fit in the bag currently.

I need to clean the can guess why.

This weeks mail is scattered all over the island, I need to make food for our dinners next week, and our son is a climber.  Dancing on the dining room table.  I do not have time to take him to the ER today when he cracks his head open on the tile.

Thanks for listening.

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Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

You're welcome.

My brother Mike was here this afternoon. We were watching his little girl play with Ellie and Josie - running around, yelling, fighing, making a huge mess - and he looked at me and said "How did Mom and Dad do this?"

I didn't have an answer for him either.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You do it beautifully, Sarah! Whenever my house is a mess, I just remind myself that we LIVE here. The Dr. James Ford Historic Home is always neat and tidy. Because no one LIVES there! And if you can't do it all yourselves, hire a cleaning lady. You deserve it and it is cheaper than marriage/family therapy. xoxo, Tracy

Jeff, Whitney & Quinn said... Best Blogger Tips

I second Tracy's thoughts! Cleaning ladies/men are the Best People on the Planet! I have never, ever met mine in person, but I love her just the same! :)