Saturday, March 12, 2011

Their Sales Tactic Seems To Be Working....

And I'm a sucker for red shoes.

And since I'd be giving a pair to a child in need, I might as well donate two, right?

A small disclaimer:  Remember my post, "My Ugly New Shoes"?  I just wanted to let ya'll know that I wore them to work the next day.  Brand spankin' new, all day.  Standing, walking, running, stairs.  The whole bit.   Guess what?  They are comfortable.  Not as cute as the wedges, but comfortable.  All day comfortable.  And I'm pretty sure the actors in "Off The Map" are wearing them too....I'd sure like to wear them in a tropical jungle.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

yes!!!! I am so glad you finally gave them a try. They are so comfy I would wear mine every day if I could!

Goddess Divine said... Best Blogger Tips

I have not tried the high heels yet, hopefully next time I buy some tom's... Can't really rationalize it now since I am still unemployed and therefore wear high heels about once a month.