Friday, March 25, 2011


Last Sunday? Two Sunday's ago? I can't remember... Isabelle went to see "Disney on Ice" with her friend, Grace.   Because I'm lazy, I volunteered to stay home and watch the "little brothers".

Jackson and Isaac have the best time together.  They talk nicely to each other, they share! Run around and really seem to enjoy each others company. It took William years to behave that way.  There was more hitting, scratching, biting, hair pulling, screaming and crying in his play dates than I care to remember.  I think it has something to do with verbal skills.  William did not really speak until he was three, and Jackson? well... he talks all the time.  all the time.

Isaac calls Jackson "Jax" and I totally love it.

Isn't this going to be fabulous at his high school graduation party??

"boy talk"
Lots of grunting and laughing.

Looking down the island -

At these two guys.  Who were discussing women.
And wiping their mouths with their shirts.

Gavin said he was going to marry a french girl.  Or a Jewish girl.  To which William said: "Well, then you will have to speak Jew".  Oh my.  William never said who (or what kind) he was planning.  Although, I'm pretty sure he's thinking about a pretty cute little neighbor girl we have....

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