Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Few Things Worth Mentioning

This week has gotten as busy as last week, and I don't like it any more this week than I did last week.

My parents flew to Ireland yesterday.  They are "chaperoning" a group of youth on a mission trip.  Today, They will be enjoying the city of Dublin. On their own since the entire rest of the group didn't make their connections. So jealous.

I won a contest on the radio Tuesday morning.  A game that plays like "Family Feud".  The question was:  "What physical characteristics would a police office ask you to describe someone?"  My answers?  Height, weight, hair color, eye color.  All Correct.  Fifth guess: Tattoos? wrong.  Piercings? wrong.  And then, my mind went blank. The other contestant only had to guess the final answer and she would have won all the prizes. eek!  Her guess? skin color.  wrong.  WOO HOO!! I won!  The final answer was "scars".  I would have guessed "gender" after thinking about it all day. But who cares? I WON!   What did I win? you may ask... "Meet n' greet" tickets for Hanson on Friday night, AND tickets to see Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger in August!  So excited!

Elizabeth has her final evening of "Battle of the Books" tonight.  Her team is 2/1.  They lost one round after thirty one "tie-breaker" questions.  grueling!  I know they will do well tonight too.

I've added a "gadget" to the comments page.  If you would like people (like me) to be able to respond to the comments you leave, make sure to hit the "subscribe by email" button at the bottom.  There have been so many times I would like to respond, and yet couldn't.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I wanna see Elizabeth battle with books

the shark said... Best Blogger Tips

She did great! came in second overall. @islandgirl