Sunday, March 27, 2011


Friday night after making arrangements for Elizabeth to be transported to her event at church, dropping William off at his sleep-over, taking Isabelle to dance, and backing into the babysitters car, Ryan and I picked up some of our friends and headed to the HANSON  concert.

The place was packed!

After playing a thirty minute set that included their old hit - "mmmbop" (the new stuff was good too!)

Ryan and I went "backstage" with the VIP passes I won on the radio earlier this week.
 All three- Isaac, Taylor and Zac were very nice.  And young!

They signed my TOMS.
Zac had black ones on. *smile*

I'll admit, all I knew about them before this week was that they were a young "boy band" from the midwest. And they had a big hit years ago. Fourteen years to be exact.  After reading "wikipedia" and checking out their website, I was very impressed.  Not only have they grown up, they all are married and have children. They also are involved in several charities that touch my heart.  It was a pleasure to meet someone who is using their fame for good.  

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

If the gods of fame and fortune are listening and reading, I would use fame and fortune for good too.... Just sayin...