Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kindergarten Round-Up

Yesterday I took Isabelle to Kindergarten round up.

She was really excited about it until we told her she would have to get some shots.  She was not interested in going to Kindergarten at all after that little piece of info.

She fine once we got there, and saw all the other kids, balloons, hats, crayons....

After checking in, she got her teeth checked,

a basic vision screening,

and was seen by an eye doctor.   Every thing was fine, except she has no depth perception?  The Dr. thought maybe she did not understand the questions.  She is blond after all...

After all the easy stuff, we were on to the immunizations... I was a little concerned, because on Monday she kind of freaked out when Jackson had blood drawn, and when I took William to Kindergarten round up, they had students give the shots.  There is a lot to be said for a little experience in that field.  When I saw the Health Nurse, I said: "Boy am I glad to see you!" ( I don't think she gets that a lot...)  I had spotted the students at this point, and asked her if she was giving the shots. To which she replied: "do you want me too?"  "YES PLEASE!!"  She is a "no nonsense" kind of lady, she distracts and is lightening fast.  Isabelle needed three pokes, and did not drop the first tear!  We are so proud of her!

After the pain comes beauty, and she got a rainbow painted on her cheek.

A quick photo with Mrs. Benner, the best Kindergarten teacher EVER!

On the way out, she said: "Are we going to my class now?"   *sniffle*  Our little Princess is growing up!

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