Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines, Honey do's and photos of my clutter...

We've had a fun, busy and productive last few days.

My Parents came on Saturday and left early this morning.  It was Grandparents Day at school for the big kids on Monday, and it was Isabelle and Jackson's turn for a visit to Arkansas.  We all are enjoying a very quiet house tonight!

We made chocolate suckers for our Valentines on Sunday, and hung around the house.  Jackson had a very low grade fever since Thursday, and not only did we not want to spread whatever he had, we wanted to make sure he was well enough to go with Nana and Papa!

Dad also needed to get started on my "Honey Do" list.  I'm going to take this moment to say that I have the best parents ever.  Ever.

First item on the list?  These rods on the beam between the kitchen and dining room.  After I get some S hooks, I'll show you just what they are for....  Please note all the naked walls.  I'm working on that too.

He installed a light over my laundry room sink.  I need to tack up the cord, but other than that, it really lights up that little corner!

These shelves in our furnace room were top priority.  They will hold all the stuff I don't need.  I cannot wait to get it all organized.  And, if we run out of beds, we have four extra bunks in the basement!

Shelves and hooks in the garage.  Just the right height for all of the little people.  We made sure!  Even Jackson had to reach to see how high to mount the hooks.  Do you ever think about how some things will change your life?  I'm sure these shelves and hooks are sure to change my life.  I love the quote: "A place for everything, and everything in it's place".  I'll let you know how it's working out.  I have high expectations.

What do I have on my "to do" list while the littlest people are gone?  Lots! (hopefully more regular blogging - according to Brooke.  although she wondered if I would have any subject matter...)

First, this nagging little pile on the computer desk.  Drives me crazy.

And this big pile in the basement.  It happens to be boxes from my craft room in the old house.  Mostly scrap booking supplies - not eggs.  Hopefully it will all be nice and neat before they get home.  I'm kind of excited to work on it really.  I miss my stuff!!

Tonight I picked up the kids from school and took William for a much needed haircut.  He wants to wear it "long" now, and spends a little bit of time on it each morning.  His Dad and I would just like to see his ears.  And eyes.  I took a nice long bubble bath, un-interuppted I might add, and Elizabeth made us some yummy vegetables for dinner.

She was pretty pleased to be able to "toss" the veggies in the air without them falling out of the skillet!

I made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies for church tomorrow night, and now I think I'll go read, or watch some "grown-up" tv. ( I missed the Bachelor last night) and for sure going to enjoy sleeping in my bed with only one man tonight!

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