Thursday, February 3, 2011

Motherhood, If Anything, It's Entertaining.

We are half way through our third snow day in a row and Isabelle and Jackson have been playing semi-nicely all day.  Their play usually revolves around some type of family dynamic- a mom, some kids, sometimes a dad, or a dog.  This is what I heard just moments ago:

Jackson: "Here baby, baby it's ok, baby come here" (as Isabelle is crying/moaning)

Isabelle:  "JACKSON, I'm not a baby, I'm a horse"

Jackson: "Here baby, baby it's ok"

Isabelle: "JACKSON, I'm a HORSE, I have a leg sticking out of my gutter, PULL IT OUT!"

Jackson: "Belle horsey?"

Isabelle: "YES, I'm a horse.  I'm having a baby, PULL IT OUT!"

*Scuffling noises*

Isabelle: "Don't HIT me, I'm having a baby"   " I said: DON'T HIT ME!, PULL IT OUT!"

Not totally unlike any other birth I've seen and heard...

 We have been working on proper terms for body parts, but I have no idea how she got "gutter" from "vagina".

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