Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day = Productive.

You know what I liked about yesterday?

 When the wind was blowing so hard that the glass was flexing, my curtains did not move.

Never once did I think: "Wow.  It's chilly in here."

I slept past 9 am.  (today too... woo hoo!)

My big kids built a fort outside... and did not fight about it.  It's to cold to open your mouth I guess.

The laundry is done.  Until Friday anyway.

My filthy kitchen?  CLEAN!!

As for the snow day today?  I'm using my new tile scrubber!  I'd take before and after photos to share, but I cannot find the camera....   That little thing is driving me crazy!  *hopefully* and new one will be here next week... yipee!

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