Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just Like Riding a Bike

Last Saturday I was having one of those: (pick one)

"I'm an awful mother for working all the time",
"I feel guilty because we have not done anything fun during Christmas break",
"I'm a horrible mother that makes her kids bathe themselves and feeds them cold cereal for dinner" days.

Elizabeth had been asking, and so with the help of Miss 'Becca, we went ice skating.

Skates on and ready to go! (except William, who was a disgruntled family member)

He got over it.

Isabelle lasted for about an hour, and had a great time. I spent the first hour in the car feeding Jackson, and playing on my phone while he slept. Miss 'Becca and I swapped, and she sat in the car with two sleeping babies while I took on the ice with the big kids. We had so much fun. I cannot believe they want to go back with all the falling down they did. I am pleased to say that I did not fall down once. mmhhmm. Just like riding a bike.

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