Monday, January 25, 2010

A Few Updates

Because you were dying to know.

I'm coming out of my funk. It still feels like I'm swimming, but with rhythmic breathing.

I bought a new Bible. I've been using a King James Version for years, and was ready for something new. I purchased a NIV Study Bible upon Texas Cousin's advice. Let me tell you, it is fabulous!

Our Pastor has told us on many occasions that the Bible has everything you could want in a story. Mystery, murder, sex, romance. He spoke on sibling rivalry last Sunday, and why we should be very careful about not showing favoritism with our children. ie: Isaac loved Esau, Rebecca loved Jacob. Esau married a Hittite woman because his mother hated them. Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah, Joseph was Jacob's favorite.. on and on. BUT, I read something on Sunday that I have never read before: "Then Jacob said to Laban, Give me my wife. My time is completed, and I want to lie with her". WOW. Even then men were demanding. (Genesis 29:21)

Ryan and I have had some time together, I had a four day weekend due to two "ice days", got the laundry and housekeeping under control...even unpacked a few boxes!

Work is busy, and I'm trying to cut back my hours to a more manageable amount. We are getting a new sitter next week, hopefully both of those things will work out.

We named the puppies!

Meet "Max"

and "Ruby".

And the newest member:

This little butterball! He is just the cutest thing! One brown eye, one blue...maybe we should name him "Lee". hmm?

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FROG PRINCESS said... Best Blogger Tips

three are you nuts!!!!??? are they all in the house too? man you are brave!

ladypoulin said... Best Blogger Tips

I just read that same passage the other day. I told Marty there are some interesting stories in the Bible! I am attempting to read through the Bible in 2010.

Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

Good, good, good. It's amazing how crazed you feel when things are out of line.

Max and Ruby? Or do you mean "Ruby and Max"? I hope YOUR Ruby is nicer to Max than the Ruby on TV. (She's kind of a mean little bunny!)

Glad you're feeling more peaceful. XO