Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Retail Therapy

Last Friday my friend Nili and I went for a little retail therapy.
And girlfriend bonding.
And Christmas-birthday shopping.
And we REALLY need some stuff shopping.
Many of you know that shoes are one of my favorite things.
I love heels.
I love pointy toes.
I wear them even now.
While I look like a cantaloupe on toothpicks, I still love them.

I bought these because they remind me of my Great Grandmother, Stella. She wore them. In the 1800's. Ok, maybe the early 1900's. Not quite so high, and without the FABULOUS patent leather toe.

I also bought these. No heel. No pointy toe. WHY??
1. they are really comfortable.
2. I'm tired of everyone telling me to get some sensible shoes.
3. My friend C. has them, and they are REALLY cute.
I also saw some things that I would L-O-V-E to have.

With a farmer for a husband, don't you think I need these?

And these.

I think my heart skips a beat every time I see them.....

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Celeste said... Best Blogger Tips

You know I love shoes too, but you and I have very different tastes in these fabulous accessories.

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Tara just found the most fabulous Stuart Weitzman shoes....I really want them.