Sunday, October 12, 2008

A "Crisp"? Fall Morning

After harvesting the corn off of the field behind our house in September, Ryan planted rye. It seems a bit odd to have a nice, lush, green field when everything else is turning into it's fall glory.
After the rye grew a bit, we decided to pasture some cattle out on it. Ryan and I both love to see cattle out on the open range, and this is as open as it gets here in corn country.

The rye has dew on it. and you can see where the cattle have roamed....

With 40 degree mornings, and 80 degree days, the "crispness" of the fall morning in these photos wears off quickly.

side note: the first day we put out some beef cattle, Holstein heifers and the goats. each from a different area on the farm. they stayed completely separate for a couple of days. the beefers in one corner, the Holstein's in another, and the goats stayed away from both! Now over a week later, they've had some type of cocktail party, and everyone is friends....totally mixing up the sleeping arrangements.

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