Sunday, October 5, 2008

Are YOU Fireproof??

Saturday night Ryan and I attended the "Fireproof" movie with other members of our church. If you have not heard anything about it, I encourage you to go to the website: Fireproof the movie or just get a ticket and go! Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron) is the lead character, with some great supporting actors. It was a great reminder of how important it is to really stay focused in your marriage, and to keep Christ in the center. Our Pastor is now doing a 4 part series on how to "Fireproof" marriages. I am looking forward to the next three.

Three things I really am thinking about since watching are:

"Fireproof" doesn't mean there will not be any fires, but that we are committed to fighting them together.

I need to lead my heart.

So many times we hear, "follow your heart". So I ask, if I am following my heart, who or what is leading it?

Are we "Fireproof"?

Even after 14 years, I am still learning things about my husband. I think that it is all to easy to fall into the busyness of daily life, and forget about each other. As of today, I am resolving to be more aware of my spouse, his day-to-day needs, and more importantly, the needs of his heart.

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Celeste said... Best Blogger Tips

I have not even heard of this, that is how far out of the loop I am. Sounds really good though. BTW- I am proud of you and your metalic shoes.

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

today, one of my co-workers in Atlanta actually sent an email to the entire team recommending this movie.