Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm getting a Bonus!

Do you remember those cute little cows that came from Virginia?

These ones? mmhh. So sad that they cried for days? Yeah. They settled in. Settled in so much, that this morning, they decided to check out the neighborhood. And I know this because they woke me up at 5 am with their exclamations of joy. (Yes, I should be getting up at 5 on a daily basis, but I stayed up last night to watch the Vice-Presidential Debate). I planned to sleep in.
Knowing as I am getting dressed to go out "feel out" the situation, it is two hours before Ryan is due home. I call. "Can you come home early?" (how do you type a whine?) Poor Fabian. He got the joy of helping this morning....
I did not realize what bliss I lived in before "These colored cattle" started showing up. When Holsteins get out, all they really want to do is get back in. And they walk. No running. Not so much with these beefers. They are OUT, and they want to RUN. And boy, do they.
In all truthfulness, I was back in the house today in 45 minutes, with very minimal running. But, someday, when I am ready to relive it, I'll tell you the story of when the "cows got out". It involved me getting dressed in winter clothing not one, not two, but three times, and running. Lots of running. In winter boots. With heels.
I think I'm getting a bonus this year...
I'm tired. Do you think I can call in "farm wife" today? I do work for an agricultural college, I think they'd understand....

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