Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Nice, Relaxing Weekend....

The summers around here are just crazy busy. This weekend was no exception. I usually thrive on general chaos and busy madness...but hey. I'm getting tired!


I try not to work on Fridays so that I can do my house work while the big kids are at school.... my back hurts, my feet ache... but the toilets are CLEAN.

A great couple in our church had their first little baby. She is just the sweetest thing. And they love her dearly! It was my turn to take them dinner... baked steak, gourmet mashed potatoes, salad, and brownies. And I got to hold the little bundle. ahh.

Elle had a birthday party for one of her former classmates. She had a really great time playing with her again... and I got caught up on some phone calls with my 40 minutes in the car.

The rest of the us had pasta and pizza with our surrogate family. It's nice to just "chill" with friends that you love.


I got up early, so that I would be dressed when our new t.v. was delivered. Christmas in October! I am not sure who loves it more, Ryan or the kids. As for me, I am sooo happy that the old t.v. is now in the bedroom... thanks Stacy & Teresa!

Elle and Will had their LAST soccer game for the fall, Hip, Hip, HOORAY!

I stopped at the local farmers market and purchased (no, not local grown organic vegetables...) frosted pumpkin squares and zucchini bread. mmmhh.

Elle had another birthday party for a classmate...the social life of a 9 year old. It'll keep you hopping.

While Elle was partying, I ran into (ok, I waddled. carrying a sleeping toddler. wearing big girl panties. hoping she wouldn't pee.) a craft show where a friends mother was displaying her pieces of art, visit her at: Creative Cuttings Found several I would like... I stopped to say "hello" to Kimberly who was busy photographing her fall family special.

A quick trip back home to shower and dress for Miss Ashley's wedding. The Bride was Stunning, the groom was Glowing, the wedding was Beautiful, the food was Delicious, and the atmosphere was nothing but Happiness... and we realized that we have a real Dancing Queen on our hands.
Miss Bea danced with everyone on the floor. Including her Daddy.
This girl can really shake it!

Monday we drove by the church, and Bea says: "I wanna see da pitty guls". "I wanna see da pitty guls". I cannot believe she recognized the church...
We were up and at church by 8 to get the coffee and donuts ready.
We had 3 couples over for Sunday dinner, not something I do often. I cannot decide if I would rather go out with all 10 kids, and not have to cook, or cook and let the kids run in the yard...
And then a nice nap in the chair before getting ready for Monday morning...
Soon. Very Soon, I'll have nothing to report on our weekends except what movies we watched and how we flavored our popcorn.....

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hmmm...sounds similar to my weekend...except for all the activity, parties and other socializing