Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Wonderland Program

Yesterday was Isabelle's "Winter Wonderland" program for preschool.

The kids all did a fabulous job, and I tried to get a video loaded on here because it's hilarious but, after 15 hours of it "loading", I decided that I would just post pictures instead....

One of the mom's made their cute little scarves.... Thanks Lisa!

Isabelle was the one little girl in the group who did not do any of the motions to the songs.  Maybe she realized she has no rhythm.  Like her mother.


The last song was so incredibly funny.  They were supposed to dance all about with certain motions that went with the song.  And yes, Isabelle just stood there smiling while her "best friend" to the right was so completely animated.

So much fun to see them perform!

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