Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Been a Short Week.... Or Long?

Hmm... not sure which.  It went by really fast, but we did a lot of stuff too.

Last week we got our first real snow, and the kids were very anxious to get out in it.  After homework and chores, we took them sledding at our neighbors hill.  So convenient.

They rode the gator, I took the van.

The kids got new "saucer" sleds from their Grandparents (Ryan's) for Christmas, and they were very excited to put them to use.  

Elizabeth and William were old pros, and hopped on like they did it every day.  Isabelle surprised me, and followed suit!

Someone else had been at the hill before us and created a little jump in the middle of the hill.  It was so fun to watch them bounce over it.  Isabelle was trooper and didn't cry once when she wiped out.

Jackson, on the other hand, was not having any of that crazy business.  After several failed attempts with all of his siblings, he decided (was forced) to go down with his dad.

He did enjoy a few more runs down the hill, but was really more entranced by the corn field you land in at the bottom of the hill.  Once Ryan and I were chilled to the bone, we made them all load up and come home.

For the rest of the week, Elizabeth and William went to snow camp.  It was a tough call.  They had been behaving so badly, they did not really deserve to go, but I was so sick of their arguing, I needed a break.  Guess who won?

Elizabeth and I have been busy sewing.  She's practicing up for her 4-H projects, and has made a few of these hot pads.  Any time on the machine is good practice I think. William needs to start getting familiar with the machine too, but I think I'm going to need to save up my patience for that.

We've had a two hour school delay, and a cancellation too, I like the delay, not so much on the cancellation.

William finally got to spend his Christmas money, and purchased a Batman Lego Wii game.  That is where he has been spending ALL of his free time.

We all went to the Farm Show in Fort Wayne.  Ryan likes to go every year, and he's taken the big kids with him once, and this year we all decided to go.  He thinks he'll go alone next year.

Jackson has been cracking me up with his verbal skills.  Of course I cannot remember any of them now.  He is growing so quick, and not the baby I want him to be.  Although, this morning after dropping the kids at the carpool spot, he snuggled in bed with me for another 20 minutes.  Felt so good.  Especially since I woke up with some sore muscles today.  I fell on the sidewalk at work yesterday.  Pretty embarrassing, not to mention wet for the rest of the afternoon.  I thought a long soak in a hot tub last night with a malted beverage would make things feel better, but not really showing it today.  Maybe I needed more beverages.

Today I'm off to help a friend move to her first house! How exciting.  I'm not sure how much help we'll be with my two little people, but we are going to try.  I also have to go to the dentist.  Again.  One of my fillings decided to come loose yesterday.  Freaks me out.  But, I get to see my friend, Andrea.  Isabelle has dance tonight, and Friday is laundry day, and this house needs to be picked up and the bathrooms cleaned.  Tomorrow right?

This always happens to me, I miss several days of blogging, and I find it hard to get back to it, but just like right now, I feel so good having it all out, and down, and I find I have so much more to say!  But, alas, the kids are upstairs and quiet, so that means something is up, and I better get going before the day is completely gone.

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