Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A bunch of drivel and a WINNER!

We've been having a stellar break!  William has logged hours on his lego star wars wii game, Jackson has hardly let go of his horses, Isabelle has been dancing around the house being her diva self, and Elizabeth and I have been sewing!  I've been working on finishing some started projects, and Elizabeth has made several hot pads, and she's made two pillow cases, and has one in the works for William.

Elizabeth's first pillow case.  For herself of course! - modeled by William.

Yesterday, while Isabelle was at school, Elizabeth and I hung some things in Isabelle's room.  Christmas gifts - I'm thinking we are ON IT! Up before next Christmas anyway!  She loves them, and they look really cute in her room.  I got the paper lanterns at Pier One Imports.  They were on the clearance shelf.... $1.98 each!  I would love to find some more- I doubt I'll get that good of a deal again!  Her "wall art" I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  It says: "Princess, daughter of a Heavenly King".  I love those wall stickers.  They are reasonably priced, go on relatively easy, come off even easier when you are tired of them, and the best part?  No holes in the wall!!

Now that you've suffered through my mumbo jumbo, should we get to the good part??  We shall!

"Favorite Thing" week is so much fun for me!  I love reading your comments and giving things I truly, truly love.  The only sad part is not being able to give to everyone.  Blech.

Another exciting thing in my world??

I did not get to watch last night, fell asleep. (also the reason for this Monday post on Tuesday afternoon)  Thank heavens for dvr.  That just may be favorite thing #6!

Sorry.  The winner I promised....

Number 3!

Congratulations Deana! 

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the lanterns! I too get some sort of sick pleasure from The Bachelor. Dirty little secret.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Great job Elizabeth! I love the fabric!!! Issabel's room is adorable!