Saturday, January 22, 2011

Helpin' Daddy

Thursday evening after work, Isabelle and Jackson wanted to "go outsigh".  I bundled them up, and had every intention of finding their father and coming back inside. Baby it's cold out side!  But he talked me into staying out... he's a smooth one that husband of mine.

When I came around the corner of the house, there they were. Waiting for me to cross the road.  Yes, they thought they needed their umbrellas! It was snowing a wee bit, and really, it blocked the wind.  Smart.  Those little people of mine!

Helping Daddy feed the calves. Helping = scaring them with the big yellow duck.

This made me laugh.  So bright with the white snow.  I was sure to keep track of him.

Helping= shoveling snow ON the calves....

When Jackson saw this sweet little cow, he said: "Cow."  "Marker".  "Naughty".  Yes, this little cow does look like you after you use the markers. And it is naughty.  Perfect.  He retains.

And then to the pigs.

Remember these guys?

Getting chubby!  Check out those hams on the right!

Last chore for the evening... filling the wood stove.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I would use my umbrella twice as much if it was a bright yellow duck!