Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yes, I do still love my little blog

As neglected as it is.

Last weekend when I went to Ohio for Miss Josie's baby shower, my parents took Elizabeth and William home to Arkansas with them for spring break.  Ryan and I had a nice week bonding with our two little people.  I'll share some photos later.  Today, I drove to St. Louis, Missouri and swapped kids with Mom and Dad.  I have a huge list of things to do while they are gone... and updating this blog was the first thing!

Not only am I hoping to blog more often, (I have lots of things to get out!)  I have some meals I want to get in the freezer, a HUGE sewing list to accomplish (including our drapes-finally), get started on 4-H projects, dentist appointments, and running!

*phew*  I need to get started!

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