Monday, January 12, 2009

My Great Grandmother Lived Through the Depression

I have to confess. I have an "issue" I've been dealing with since, well, as long as I can remember. I save everything. I'm in rehab now. It is working. Slowly, slowly, but sure! How liberating! I've always thought that the catholics were on to something with that confession thing. You really do feel better!

And what does saving everything have to do with this post? Baby clothes. I saved all of them.
A brief history: In 2005 before I travelled to Kenya, I sorted out half of the stuff I had saved for the fundraising yard sale.

When Bea was born, I again, culled off the baby things. Probably by 25%. And the girl things by maybe 40%. Take in mind, that I also purchased new things for Bea, and we received fabulous gifts from our friends and family.

Now, when Bea was born, I had already joined the "just give it" support group, and was much more selective in my saving.

A month before Jack was born, I brought all of our clothes out of storage and did a MAJOR sort. I threw away a small Wal -mart sack, and gave away a small garbage bag. That still left me with 2 overflowing tubs of "unisex" baby clothes, 2 tubs of girl clothes that Bea had out -grew, and 6, yes six tub of boy clothes. Not counting a large amount of socks, and an even larger amount of shoes.

Over the last four weeks, I've been grabbing a tub, and sorting out all the clothes that I think Jack will wear before the weather gets warm.

This is an outfit that was so very cute on Will.

But I'll tell ya'. After changing the diaper, putting on the onesie, socks, snapping and buttoning the shirt, getting his feet in the footies of the pants, snapping and buttoning those as well. Him: crying, me: working up a sweat in the process, (lactating will do that to ya.) I decided that the outfit didn't look nearly as cute as I remember.

Later, when he peed/pooped through the whole get - up, we changed into these, very cute, very practical, very easy jammies.

He looked more comfortable, and I decided that maybe he was perhaps more of a jeans & t-shirt kinda boy.

These are some jammies my mother-in-law gave when Elle was born. They are my favorite. little fishes and turtles on them. All of the kids have wore them. Worth saving. I think I'll save them forever.

I really hate when families have lots of kids, the poor things end up wearing all the hand-me-downs and get nothing new for themselves and end up looking like ragamuffins.
I personally have not purchased anything new for him. (ok, maybe a few things). But he has gotten some really great gifts. Like this little outfit from gymboree. HOW CUTE IS THAT!

Thanks Rachel!
Oh, and if you think me saving all these baby clothes is bad, someday I'll tell you the story of buttons and bags. Remind me.

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Goddess Divine said... Best Blogger Tips

I think wearing hand-me-downs builds character... Or at least that is what I will say, since I always had to wear them.

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips saved the buttons I saved the little bags they came in. We had the same grandma! :)