Saturday, January 10, 2009

Communication Skills

Bea has been using some new words this week. She came up to me the other day with a very intense look on her face and said: "I sew-we-us". About what, I'm not sure. Wednesday before Jack's bath, they were both laying on the floor, and he peed. And in a very motherly voice, she says: "We don't pee on the cawput". She's heard that before.

Yesterday she called me "muthah"
no more rap music for her.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

It is good that she has stepped up as a coach for Jack's etiquette. So cute!

Goddess Divine said... Best Blogger Tips

You know, I know a few adults who still don't know the, "Don't pee on the carpet" rule. They usually have a little alcohol to help them forget though.