Friday, January 11, 2013

Flashback Friday #2

Looking back through my pictures, I wondered... 

Is that really all we did? I think the pork stuffed pastries are cute, but wow.

And then, I started looking through March, and realized in February my camera lense broke. ugh.

March did prove to be a little busier~

Jackson played in this cat carrier almost non-stop:

We saw Foreigner in concert again. (With friends this time!)

I painted a dresser I had picked up at a second hand store.

Navy blue of course. So navy, that in some light it would look black.
I had a hard time getting the blue as dark as I wanted, but after my friend Holly put black, black and more black in it, it came out perfect.

I have it in the dining room with all of my table linens in it.

I love the way it looks, especially with the upgraded brushed nickle knobs!

And yes, those photos were taken with the wrong type of lense. argh.

The kids helped Ryan clean a couple loads of corn.

William really didn't mind the dirty job-

Elizabeth, on the other hand.. not so much.

The kids pushed the corn to the back of the truck and through the door.

Ryan helped feed the corn in to the cleaning drum,

up the elevator and into the bin.

Very tiring, very dirty work, but worth it!

Dad and I took my nephew Wesley to the cemetery to see  Great Grandpa & Grandma's headstone.
(I have more photos in cemeteries than the normal person should. Confession time.)

This cute little girl was born. There is nothing better than a new baby. Nothing.

Ryan and I worked at clearing out a fence row. At the end of the day we had a huge fire to burn up the brush.

I started framing my favorite pieces of the kids art and created a gallery wall in the basement stairwell. I've added to it since, and have more things to frame. I love the way it is shaping up!

Isabelle was writing on EVERYTHING. Even the windows.

Jackson fell asleep.

He fell asleep dirty...

He fell asleep reading...

And snuggled up with his sister.

And that, was our February and March 2012.

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