Friday, January 4, 2013

Flashback Friday #1

As some of you may have noticed, or not... my blogging was a little sketchy last year. Since I use this little blog to remember the things that happen in our lives- I decided I needed to "recap" what happened while I was doing something else. Whatever that may have been.
So, welcome to "Flashback Friday's". For the next couple of Fridays, I plan to "flashback" to last year, and document now what I didn't before.
January 2012.
We have a great little thrift store locally, and when I have a few minutes I like to wander around and see what they have to offer. Especially on their half price weekends.

Last January, I found this great little urn. Weird shade of brown, but oh-so-cute for a quarter.

I especially liked the lion on the side. I brought the little gem home and promptly spray painted it grey. He now resides in the basement until I find just the right spot for him. Good thing I didn't pay more for it, huh?

I also discovered Jack's Soap.

As big fan of of the one-for-one model (for every bar purchased, a bar of soap is donated to a child in need) I bought nine bars.

Mint * Lavender * Citrus

I love the way it lathers up in the shower with it's gentle scent. Makes me happy. Naming her company after my baby boy was a bonus.

Jack's Soap was recently bought by Hand in Hand Soap. Same one-for-one model, a few different scents.

Isabelle has been infatuated with writing ever since... well, she could. Last year all she did was make books. I'm blaming it on Mrs. Benner, her Kindergarten teacher.

One night while making dinner, she was asking me lots of questions. How to spell certain words, asking me to make faces.  I absent-mindly answered them, and this is what she made:

"The Life of Sarah"
By: Isabelle
Written by Isabelle

Me, happy.

Me, sad.

Me, angry.
I thought at the time, "I'm kinda glad she doesn't know what I look like mad". But, then again, she asked what I looked like happy too...
I think it's one for the scrapbook.
One of the biggest happenings in our life- Ryan discovered the internet.

He can spend hours at and youtube. It's crazy how long he can watch forage videos. I laugh and call it "farmer p*rn". The funniest thing is they are mostly in a foreign language. He doesn't seem to mind.

And that, was January 2012.

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