Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ruby is a Mama!

A few weeks ago we noticed Ruby was... well, a little chubby.

Since she's not really prone to stress eating, we decided that she was probably pregnant.

She's been hanging out at the bottom of the steps from the garage to the basement.  It's just about the coolest place around. I decided earlier in the week that is where she would probably "Whelp" the pups, so I put a few towels down for her.

I've been checking on her throughout the night all this week, and I snapped this shot of the poor girl on Wednesday night:

Doesn't she look just miserable?! Poor girl was HUGE!

Thursday morning I went out to check on her- she was panting like no body's business, and wouldn't you know it, while we were having our little chat, she had a puppy!

And then, another!

And another, and another,

and another, and another,

and another, and another! I thought she was never going to stop- I'm sure she thought the same thing too!

Six boys, two girls, four black, two brown, and two brindle-ish ones.  The smallest one weighs 8 ounces, and the biggest one 12. They are absolutely adorable! Miss Ruby is being an excellent mother, we are proud of her first-time mama parenting skills! (and pretty smitten with her puppies too!)

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a LOT of puppies! So cute. (Happy Birthday by the way!)