Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last Day of School

... sniff, sniff... and the last day at St. Bernard for Elizabeth. I did get a little weepy at the awards ceremony- It's just change, right? Change is good. I am still a little entitled to be sad~ she is growing up so fast. I think back at the the last seven years at St. B., and think... in seven more years.. I'll be picking her up from her first year of college!

St. Bernard is a Pre-school through 6th grade only elementary school. Unfortunately, there is not any other religious junior high/high schools close enough to us. So, Elizabeth will be attending our local public school this fall. She is EXCITED! I am nervous.

Change is good, right?

The public school systems in our county have put the junior high (7th & 8th grades) in with the high school. Everyone has assured me that it will be FINE, and I'm am sure it will- BUT.  I don't care how many people tell me that the Jr. high kids have their own hall, classes, lunch... my sweet baby girl is going to be rubbing shoulders with SENIOR BOYS. daily. yikes. And that, is the only thing that has Ryan a little anxious- boys.

She'll be fine.

All of you who have met Elizabeth, I am sure are laughing. I, too, am sure she can hold her own. She is so looking forward to this experience.

She'll be fine.

Elizabeth started out with fourteen kids in her kindergarten class. Over the years, we've had families move, and children enter other school systems. She finished up with two other kids.

I took lots of pictures, and had to include several- These kids are so much fun!

Elizabeth, Joe & Rachel


With the principal, Mrs. Carroll.


With their teacher, Mrs. Story.


We are so proud of our young lady!

William, Eric & Joe.

Poor Isabelle was sick the last two days of school~ the best two days according to her siblings! I guess she thought since she graduated, she didn't need to go back!

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

You'll have to let us know how it goes in the fall. We have the same plan with our girls - New Era Christian until 8th, then on to Shelby Public. I feel your nerves!