Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Nephew Is A Redneck.

I'm going to blame it on the help.

My nephew Logan is here this week working on the farm. We love having him here~ He is a fun distraction from the daily grind.

It has been bloomin-hot here. And dry. So very, very dry. Poor kid hauls around that red water bottle everywhere he goes.

The past two days Logan and Zac (one of our employees) have been working on a broken water pipe. Doesn't sound that bad on these hot days does it? They could be baling hay, right?  BUT, the broken water pipe is under six inches of concrete and 2 foot of dirt. In the cow lot. of course. Cows are curious. So very curious. They have their nose right in the middle of the job. Water, dirt, muddy muck, poop, and cows. Every day is an adventure!

Last night after finishing up for the day, Logan came up to the porch and collapsed. Completely filthy, with his new cut-off shorts. Apparently, during the day he got hot enough he wished he had shorts on. Zac, being the fabulous employee that he is, gave him his request. Cut his pants right on the spot. Logan didn't even bother to take the extra pant off, just wore it around his ankles for the rest of the day. Rednecks.

And today? Today they are baling hay.

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