Friday, June 1, 2012

New Kid

A few weeks ago- 2? 3? no, 2. Back when the cows were getting out- and Ryan was with Elizabeth in Chicago- The goat had her baby.

Ironically, the person who cares the least about those goats, was the one who got to oversee the birth process.


ugh. and awhhh all at the same time.

Jackson and I got to see little Misty stand up for the first time, and we helped her have her first meal.

In-between texting photos and questions to the people who know, and really care about those goats, of course.

And when those people didn't know the answers, I had to call Uncle Simon. How do you you know when a goat is done having babies? Besides, you know, putting your hand in there? How can you tell?

He knows.

Later in the day, these three "kids" wanted to get a closer view of the   "new kid".

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