Monday, September 19, 2011

My Rainy Monday

In the spirit of finding something good in everything, I'm going to post random things about my day.  And hopefully find the sunshine amongst the rain.

Dark, rainy Monday.  Blech.

Smooth morning with the kids.  Pleasant even.

Chance meeting with one of my bestest at the coffee shop? LUCKY!

Driving an hour in the rain. Ugh.

Three hours in the Sprint store.  Really folks?

New phone!  A smart one.  Smarter than me.

I got totally soaked putting my Hobby Lobby purchases in the car.

A crappy conversation with someone who will remain unnamed. Offended me, and made me angry. Angry enough to cry.

Forgot a good friend's birthday.

William and Isabelle ruined the school pants they were wearing today.

Ryan took Elizabeth to her soccer game.  In the rain.  Let me stay home and make a decent dinner and do a little pick-up.  They lost. 2-1.  Elizabeth was responsible for the "1".

Kids to bed in good time, with little complaining.

Ryan stayed home while I ran into town for a few necessity's.  Mountain Dew and Ice Cream. I grabbed some toilet paper while I was there.  It wasn't necessary, but we were out.

I'm eating my ice cream now, while I watch Castle.  So happy to have new television.

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

not even a comment about the HOURS we spent chatting on FB?! I'm hurt! :)