Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's a Dog's Life

Jackson has really been using his imagination with his play lately.  It is so fun for us to listen in on his conversations with his animals.  The conversations usually have a lot to do with them staying in the fence.  I think he's overheard a conversation or two.  About a particular goat I'm sure.

He's also has been pretending he's a dog.
He crawls around on all fours, yipping in a quiet little voice.  We pat his head and tell him: "Good Dog!", and off he goes.

He tries to play with our other dogs- I think they scare him a bit.

We've caught him licking water up off the porch.  And drinking out of the dogs water dish.

More than once.
See his little hands on either side of the dish? Behind the dog? Through the dirty garage door?

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