Sunday, September 11, 2011

Freezer Corn

How to freeze Corn.
Or, "How I freeze corn." 

Ryan usually plants our sweet corn on the edge of one of his field corn fields.  Good thing, because our garden was non-existent this year.  Due to the crazy spring we had, the first planting yielded nothing. Not one single  ear.  Got me a little worried.  Fortunately, the second planting was much better, and we got to it before the coons did! 

Ryan usually takes care of picking, with help from the kids. 

I enlist them to help shuck.  It's a painful process that usually ends up with more monkey-ing around...

As soon as we get enough shucked to fill my two largest pots, I get cookin'!  I use my canners.  It seems to be a great size - meaning: I can usually get on pot cut off in the time it takes to boil the next. Keeping me busy with very little or no down time waiting on water to boil.  I fill each pot with corn, then hot water.

I bring the water to a full rolling boil,

place it in my sink and cover with ice water until it is cool enough to handle.  I reuse the boiling water at least twice, makes the second and third pot cook faster!  I usually have to add a little water each time to cover the corn.

Let it drip dry in a shallow tray, and start cutting!

I like to use this cutter:

The cob slides along the "canal" and the double blades slice the kernels right off.

My friend, T. and Ryan can never get the corn cutter to work for them, so they use a regular kitchen knife.  Elizabeth helped me this year, and she used the knife as well. I think the knife is messy.  The blades on the cutter are pretty sharp, and I usually end up cutting myself at least once every season, but not this year! Progress!

I like to use freezer boxes for my corn, and they are easier for my little helper to navigate then a freezer bag.

After cutting it off the cob, she scoops about 4 cups in each box,

Tapping it down with the scoop, or her hands.

And then we had a talk about food sanitation...

Even with the crappy spring, and strange weather this summer, small, irregular ears, I froze 49 quarts.  I was hoping for 52, but that is close enough!

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