Friday, July 22, 2011


Some how we went from this:

And this:

To this:

in a heartbeat.

I got this for her from Red Letter Words.  I'm smitten with all the great stuff they have!

Tonight we had her requested birthday dinner - Beef Ribeyes, new red potatoes and corn on the cob.  For dessert, she wanted a marble cake, and we decided to put pudding in-between the layers.  It was really good.

Elizabeth has a friend sleeping over tonight.  She has the basement all set up for a perfect slumber party- lounge chairs, recorded movies, nail polish, pickles, chips, popcorn and peanut m&m's...

And tomorrow? We are headed into town for a girls day.  Lunch at Panera Bread, and ear piercing at Claire's!

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islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

she was such a cutie back then....and has only gotten better! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i am so sorry megan missed the party. We didn't get home till 7:30 and she wanted to stay home and sleep in her bed. I hope Elizabeth had a good birthday. (I did try to call you around 8ish) but no answer.