Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Independence Weekend

I love holidays.  Especially ones that last all weekend. 

We kicked off our 4th of July weekend with a party at some friends- A thunder and lightening storm started off our evening, but did not put a damper on the fabulous show Matt puts on!

After a couple of "personal shows" we witnessed earlier in the week, turns out our wild child is petrified of the booming fireworks.  Saturday night while our friends enjoyed the show from the lawn, Jackson and I watched from the inside of the house.

Holding sweet little Levi.
Wouldn't it figure that our last baby loves babies more than any other of our children? 

Sunday afternoon my brother brought my nephew Wesley to our house.  Wesley is going to stay with us for several weeks working with Ryan on the farm.  We all love having him here.  Being an Aunt is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

As soon as Wesley arrived,  we went to a party!  We celebrated our friend Grace's birthday with food (of course), swimming, a pinata, and sleeping:

In between our fun friend activities, we worked on our 4-H projects.

Walking the cows.  If you've never been to a 4-H fair, go.  Please note; those kids walking their animals nicely around the ring in the livestock shows, parading in front of the judges, remember it all starts in someones yard.  With frustration, encouragement, blood, sweat, laughter, tears and supervision from the porch.

Elizabeth's sewing projects were finished in the nick of time... with more blood, sweat and tears.

Monday night, Ryan gave us a little firework show in our yard,

and we roasted hot dogs over the campfire that spilled into the grass.

A perfect evening to finish our long, fun holiday weekend....

Next up?  Pre-fair judging, and landscaping!

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