Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What a way to kick off a weekend...

While I am frantically packing at midnight Thursday night, Jackson and Isabelle decided to  help me out by dumping the entire box of tide on the laundry room floor.  Good thing it was powder. 

Seriously.  In the 30 seconds I was out of the laundry room.

 The first thing out of my mouth?  


really?  she's 3 years old.  She doesn't really think about the effects of her actions.  

She does have some things figured out though, because her response?  "Jackson started it".

The worst part? while I'm cleaning up the mess, I hear something in the kitchen.  I look out to see Jackson standing on the island dumping the whole box of coco puffs.  Bouncing off the island like bouncy balls, all over the floor.  I was pleased.

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Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

Wait...they were up at midnight?

They must turn into Gremlins after dark!

1milliondollarchallenge said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL! Oh that is too hilarious and I can SO relate!