Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Saint Patrick's Day!

For my blog post today, I wanted to get a "St. Patrick" themed image from the Internet. I start, of course, at my favorite website of all time:

How great is that?

On to the search!

This is what caught my eye. Care Bears! Did you have a Care Bear? I remember wanting one soooo bad. My first Care Bear was a handmade one, my very best friend who lived across the street, her mother made it for me. It was a white one, and she made a red and white sweater and hat for it. I still have it. Even with boxes still packed, if you gave me 5 minutes, I could find it in my house. I love(d) that bear. My second and last Care Bear was the "Friendship" Bear.

Peach was my favorite color. As much as I wanted this little bear, I have no idea where it is, or if I still have it. But the bear Mrs. Rapes made me? That I still have.
Better still? My Irish friend is here, and we are celebrating with a girls night tonight!!

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