Friday, March 26, 2010

Waterpark Fun!

In trying to be positive about the crappy week I've had, I decided to (finally) post our water -park pics!

We went with our friends, Matt & Elizabeth. Grace and Isabelle are "Best Friends" and have the best time playing together. It is fun to hang out with them. It seems we usually spend time with our friends who have children Elizabeth and William's age.


Jackson loved these "floor fountains" in the kiddie pool.

Ryan and Elizabeth. waiting. to go down the tunnel of terror.

Not really. I'm the only one who hates them.

William was so fun. We felt pretty safe while we were there, they have lots of lifeguards, really only one way to get out of the swim area, and with four adults watching out... we let William and Elizabeth go off by themselves a few times. Every time we went to check on William, he was chatting with some new little friend he met. His dad is social like that too.

Don't ask.

He was so cute in his shark shorts!

Two little girls, ready to go home!

Sunday night, after we returned home, and Ryan was at work, He and I were texting back and forth, talking about how nice it was to get away, how great the kids behaved, and what a fun time we had all around.

A few days later I was talking with Elizabeth (not my daughter), telling her how much fun Ryan and I had, so glad we went, the kids loved it, etc, when she tells me that her husband thought it was awful!! "not relaxing at all". So funny. I guess your idea of "relaxing" changed with the amount of kids you have...

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