Thursday, August 27, 2009


My High/low for yesterday happened all in one conversation yesterday.......

Matt the contractor told me we need to paint the upstairs in TWO WEEKS!!


low: Absolutely NO paint choices picked out.

What colors / schemes would you suggest?

Help me please! And for all of you who have never left a comment, click the button below, start typin'. I need serious input.

yes, this link: "your fabulous thoughts" c'mon Tracy, you can do it!

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Connie Jahnke Long said... Best Blogger Tips

What rooms will be on this floor?

Jos said... Best Blogger Tips

is this the main floor??

Texas Cousin said... Best Blogger Tips

a wall painted in wide stripes of a color with the stripes being a glaze over the color is a neat and subtle look. If elle wants a crazy color, maybe just paint one wall that color with the other walls a more neutral or toned down color that goes with it? Benjamin Moore has 3.99 color samples on their most popular colors. cheap way to choose the right one. I want to do wainscotting in the girls' room on the lower half of the wall. I think that would be cute with Bea's white furniture.

BTW - the pics of Jack look like Will to me!

Texas Cousin

Lisa (the mom) said... Best Blogger Tips

Paint the kids' bathrooms BRIGHT!!

A bright bathroom will help wake them up in the mornings. Ours is bright orange with a multi-colored ribbon shower curtain. No matter what a persons color preferences are, they can't walk out of our "electric" bathroom without commenting on the bright color waking them up. Enough said. It might be obnoxious to some, but it does its job.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey Sarah before you pick out the paint colors in the bathrooms you my want to pick out the shower curtains first. (that is if you are having shower curtains) I made that mistake the first time in the girls' bathroom. I had to have have a plain white curtain.
In the bedroom i would not do anything real "babyish" in jackson's or Isabelle's. They will grow up too fast and then you will find your self painting them again in 2 years or less. And who has that time? :) That is what i will be doing next weekend. (repainting Megans room) Stupid me promised that for her birthday.

Just have fun!