Friday, August 3, 2012

Fair Rides

Good grief.

The blogging around here... pretty sketchy.

Any who. The rides, The Rides, THE RIDES.

ugh. I hate those rides. (Last year I got lucky, and the carnival rides cancelled- woop woop!)

Every year during the fair my kids ask me no less than 63 million times a day if they can "ride the rides". I'm not joking. If my kids are anything, it's persistent.  I'm sure it'll be beneficial in their future. Not so sure about mine.

I decided a few years back, to hold them off until later in the week-after their animals had been shown, and then on ONE night, let them ride 'til their little hearts content.

And then, I got really smart, and hired someone to take them on the rides. Oh yeah. I got this parenting gig DOWN!

I, of course, show up later in the evening and take some photos for the scrapbook...I'm not a totally slacker mom.

This year, Kris, Noah and nephew Logan followed Isabelle and Jackson around from ride to ride, while Elizabeth and William ran a-muck with their friends.  (The carnies had a few more teeth than usual.. it made me feel safer)

On the "roller coaster" for like the fifteenth time. I love the hands!

The flying bananas didn't really do it for them, they only rode it a couple of times. They didn't really care for the carousel either. They did ride it like four times with me though...

On the other hand, they loved the motorcycles.
I know it's going to be short-lived, but I love that they still wanted to ride together. *sniff* *sniff*

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