Monday, August 27, 2012


(Mah ree ka)
The silence on this blog is deafening.
We've been uber busy- but I'm ready to get back into our regular slow schedule. Ha! What a good joke.
I'm ready to start blogging on a regular schedule again too.
First things first, we are completely smitten with our new big sister. We are having a great time getting to know her better, and introducing her to our typical mid-western life style.
She's had a lot "firsts" in her twenty days here...

She was here 22 hours, and I took her to her first soccer practice.  She's the tall one.

Not 24 hours later, she milked a cow.

And then, climbed the silo. It's ok. She has the extreme sports insurance.

We canned peaches and made peach jam with Cousins Connie and Jennifer.

She ran a 5k!

First day of school. sigh. School is school, whatever country you live in...

She went to her first American football game,

Played in her first American soccer game. We tied, 2-2.

She likes ice cream, and is amazed that girls actually wear pajama pants in public.

Her English is fabulous, but has a tough time with "th" as in: "Mudder" and "Brodder". It's not a sound they use in her native dutch. She trying to teach us some dutch, I've got "Walnoot" and "Stool" (walnut and chair) as for "please" and "thank you"? It's all dutch. Ha.

She's learning that little brothers can be annoying, and incredibly sweet. She's also very happy she's not 13 anymore.

She's very tall, and very smart. She's respectful and helpful.

She's making lots of friends, and figuring out American high school like a rock star.

I cannot believe her parents let her come, but we're so glad they did!!

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carol collett said... Best Blogger Tips

OH my goodness, well put! You just might win the perfect hostmum award.

islandgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I wanna come meet her!