Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Crazy Busy Life...

Oh. my.

We've been busy.

We are expecting some very special guest in August- which makes me take a good look around the house and make a very extensive list of all the things that need to be "spruced up".

My mom flew in last Thursday to help me with this extensive list. We got a lot accomplished, but man, am I tired. And sore. Very, very sore. (she's a bit of a slave driver...) I took her back to the airport yesterday afternoon, and now the list is all mine. all mine. yikes.

I think the biggest news is the rain. We've gotten several nice showers over the last two weeks. Our lawn is greening up-I think we may even need to mow it. It is raining again today- a perfect time to re-group- and re-evaluate the extensive list.

Elizabeth went home with my mom, and William is at church camp this week.  Ryan and I feel young again with just 2 little people hanging around!

I am planning on posting some pictures of our recent activities... but first, my cat has been cracking me up. She's been trying out some new napping spots...

Jackson's bed. It's ok... he never uses it anyway.

And the towel for clean dishes? All snuggled up.

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