Friday, July 27, 2012

Fair Time

Due to the incredibly hot summer we have had, Elizabeth and William were not able to walk their chosen 4-H animals like they should. In the past, they have walked the cows late in the evening when it had cooled off. This year was a different story. In the few weeks leading up to the fair we were having 100+ degree days. By the time it cooled off to a balmy 80+degrees... it was dark. And frankly, still too hot.

At the ninth hour and after much tumultuous thought, Ryan decided that it would be ok for the kids to take a few cows to the fair.

"Few" was 10 cows, which was less than half originally planned.

The kids had a great time, and did a fabulous job- a few pictures from the evening:

Loves the fence.


Thank heavens for my nephew- Logan. He was a lifesaver!


This just may be my favorite photo from this year...


The "Mama Wiss Cows"


Yes, his show number was 007!


"Are we done yet?"

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