Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tossing Cells

Last week, Isabelle and Jackson decided to "embellish" our upstairs.  With a red dry erase marker.  On multiple surfaces.  Elizabeth volunteered to wash it off with a magic eraser, and I thought it was the end of that.  Until... Cleaning the house last Sunday morning, anticipating our Halloween guest,  I was trying to get all the dirty laundry from upstairs in the laundry chute. Like many other times in my life, once I get started on one thing, I easily get distracted by another.  This day was no different.  Not only did I find more "embellishing",

Hidden under a teacup,

and not-so hidden on a closet door,   I found multiple pieces of contraband.  Like this:

I found crayons, markers, pencils AND scissors in William's room. Elizabeth is the only person who is allowed to have pencils in her room. Hmm.   Scissors? really.

Hydrocortisone cream? What in the world was he doing with THAT?? Smearing it into the carpet is my guess.

These.  Contraband of the worst kind. Hidden deep in the bowels of his closet.
I think I have Matt the Contractor to thank for these...

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